Description of Crm4All Application.

As Always, Customer is on top.

Tip. You can import customers from xlsx file, using the import tool at parameters.

The Application monitors the following modules.

  • Actions From and To Customers.
  • Emails and Sms From and To Customers.
  • Pendings and To DO , concerning the Customers.
  • Financial Data
  • Documents (drag and drop).

Project Management.

A project is the source of our income, like a construction, a study, a translation, a repair, a consultancy etc.

Project Management has the following modules

  • All the Actions of past or future regarding the Project, with assignment to users.
  • All the Pendings / TODO regarding the Project, with assignment to users.
  • Adding all the services and products, with all the details.
  • Issue the debits to the Customer, detailed or summarized when billing time approaches.

Financial Records

The Application allows you to define the Transaction Types you are going to use, like Cash, Credit Card, Bank Deposit etc. Also it allows you to have a list with all your products and provided services that customers are charged, like per hour support, per item charge etc.

  • You can create Debits for its Project, or create Debits for each Customer , according to your needs.
  • You can monitor each Customer with Project Balance or Total Customer Balance.
  • You can have all the necessary Financial Reports like Balances, Transactions, Ledger.


Mass Send  SMS and Emails.


Build Templates and send them at once, when you need them.

Track and notify Customers with subscription or Support fees, if they exist.

For SMS , you can register to Global Sms , at Parameters Section.

For Email Sending, you can use Microsoft Oultook (10+) , or your Domain SMTP Account.

We suggest to start with the following procedure.

  • Register some Customers. We remind you that New Customer is produced with the + Button and Search is possible with the magnifing glass Button.
  • At Parameters Section, add Products and Services that you bill to your Customers.
  • At Transactions Section, add the usual Transaction Types that you use, like Cash, Deposit, Credit Card.
  • You are ready to start your First Project.
  • Press F1 to see the shortcuts.

The application will be always on development mode, so pls do not hesitate to inform us about improvments. Waiting for your questions at Support Section or with email at: 


Web Crm Apps / Technicom


Tel  +30 210 6090850