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The Easiest Customer Management Application

       For All, for all kinds of businesses

Until now, the applications for Customer Management were complex programs, useful only for big companies who could take full advantage of them.

They needed expensive Servers and even more expensive DataBase applications, while the complexity made them extremely unwieldy.


Crm 4 All combines the speed of a Desktop Application with the flexibility of a Cloud Application. Works Fast, without annoying delays. You will not believe that data are located at Cloud.

The goal of CRM 4 All is to become the organizational solution for all those who would like one Easy application that could :

Be a low cost application, by subscription, without commitments.

Be located in Internet, so that you could have access from anywhere. If you wish, it can be installed also in your computer.

Add the Users you need, with per user Privileges.

- Have an online support.

·Support the internal correspondence between users.

·Support the documents storage by Drag and Drop.

·Send massively SMSs and Emails.

·Support  Action monitoring from and to customers, so that even the lowest income could not be lost.

-Create Outlook Appointments.

· Support To Do List and Pendings.


  Support Jobs and projects with Assignments, documents, credits and debits. Provide a financial client management.

·Have a full customer card with all the information below, as well as an eventual subscription.

· Have a full customer balance, ledger and all necessary financial data.

We are ready to support and offer our services to the Businessmen who try for the best and we are willing to accept suggestions to impove your eficiency.

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If you are interested in using the application, you can enter your personal data in the page Subscription , in the Parameters , so that the procedure can proceed. You can see all the available modules with the total subscription cost.

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